The Wedding Party



Helly is Naomi's wonderful and long suffering sister! Despite being younger, she has always looked after Naomi, who couldn't be luckier to have her as her Maid of Honour.

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Holly is Naomi's best friend from school. Many of Naomi's best holiday memories were shared with Holly including paragliding in Turkey and a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon! Looking forward to making more memories on the day!

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Sarah and Naomi have been friends since they were medical students, united by their love of music and playing the violin. Naomi will always be grateful for Sarah's support through some of the best and worst times, particularly when they lived together as junior doctors!

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Sian and Naomi hit it off immediately when they moved in together in Bristol, thanks to! They have also survived eviction together! Sian was the first of Naomi's friends to meet Ed and is a great friend to us both.



Ring Bearer

Beloved member of the Fenton family, Raffy simply had to be included in the festivities as 'Dog of Honour' and Ring Bearer for the wedding ceremony



Page Boy

A recent addition to the Fenton family, Fergal is so excited about his page boy role that he has been practising holding Naomi's wedding dress. We hope he might have gone off the idea by the time the Big Day arrives!



Best Man

Joe is a man of many parts - surfing instructor, glamping entrepreneur, bin diver, self help author and good friend. He also has all the dirt on Ed, so the best man speech should be interesting...

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Mike was born in Plymouth so this wedding represents a partial homecoming for him. He and Ed were housemates 2012-2015 and still managed to remain friends so that definitely counts as a success. He's marrying his girlfriend Eleri in August 2022.




Chris, or CTE as he is sometimes known, is a gentleman and all round good guy. He's a fluent Welsh speaker and organ virtuoso. If you need any records managed he is your man.

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Kev was Ed's constant drinking companion at Cardiff University's Solus nightclub back in the mid-2000s. Hopefully enough time has now past that he's forgotten all the embarrassing incidents that happened there. Ed was an usher at Kev's wedding to his wife Kate back in 2012 and he's now (belatedly) returning the favour.



Master of Ceremonies

How can you summarise Noor in a few sentences? She's quite simply a force of nature. She's full of fantastic stories and frequently absolutely hilarious. A great colleague and friend, Ed and Naomi reckon she's just the person to get the party started.

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Mark and Rob

Bridesmaid Chauffeurs and Canine Escorts

Mark and Rob are essentially extended members of the Fenton Family! They have bravely taken on the job of leading Rafferty and Fergal down the aisle and are kindly escorting the bridesmaids to the wedding in their lovely VW Campervan. Naomi and Helena were bridesmaids at Mark and Rob's wedding in 2016. At the start of the ceremony they emerged from a giant Tardis dressed as ABBA's Agnetha and Anna-Frid - safe to say their wedding set the bar high!